Demo, Testlab and Tools


You can create for free an eSignAnyWhere demo account here. Creating an account is done in just one minute and you can test and try eSignAnyWhere.

If you need help have a look in our User Guide and Signer Guide.


Base64 Encoding and Decoding in Windows

For testing the API via basic tools (e.g. SoapUI) you need a way to encode and decode files in Base64. Programming languages typically do it by calling a file read function. We recommend to use Notepad++, because it can encode and decode Base64 automatically. (In Windows you can also use the built-in commandline tool certutil. You have to remove the first and last line of the output manually, because the tool is for certificates and you should remote the cert-header and footer.)

Convert PDF in Base64

certutil -encode input.pdf output.txt

Convert Base64 in PDF

certutil -decode input.txt output.pdf


In our Testlab you will find some use cases about digital transaction management, our SIGNificant products for testing and some documentation and download of the SIGNificant tools. The testlab is just for testing and development (demonstration-overlay).

For eSignAnyWhere you may use as developer the Workstep Designer for easily creating a document XML (workstep configuration).

Using the SIGNificant Workstep Designer

The Workstep Designer is a tool for helping generating a workstep configuration. It doesn’t support all available features and supports eSignAnyWhere and SIGNificant worksteps.

The basic procedure for using the Workstep Designer is:

  1. upload a PDF document
    per default a adhoc config is generated, but you can select your preconfigured file
  2. edit workstep configuration
    place signature field, set up tasks, …
  3. save configuration (download XML) or create workstep and try it in eSignAnyWhere Viewer (signers-view)

eSAW Workstep Designer - Select Type
Select the workstep type. For eSignAnyWhere you have to select “SignAnywhere”.

eSAW Workstep Designer - Upload Document
With start designer you can upload your PDF document. You can select one to many documents per envelope.

eSAW Workstep Designer - Save Configuration
Save configuration let you download the configuration XML.

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